House Evaluation Checklist

Customize this checklist by adding the "must have" features from your Housing Priorities Checklist. When looking at properties, evaluate them thoroughly. Take pictures to help remember details.


Property location:___________________________________


Cracks in foundation, driveway, sidewalks?

Proper drainage near foundation/slab (such as gravel)…trees and shrubs two feet away from house?

Landscaping—mature trees to provide summer shade, especially on west side, all trees are living?

Adequate yard?

Roof—check for worn signs on shingles.

Gutters—free of dust, dents, leaks, leaves.

Siding—If paint, is it bubbling or are many layers showing thickness?

Windows—single or double pane—tight fitting?

Do eaves hang over siding to provide adequate protection from storms?


Cracks—find them all, this could mean the foundation has shifted, causing poor fitting doors and windows and leaks in house. Also, could lead to flooding.

Stains—look for water stains on walls and ceiling—dry wall may be damaged.

Fuse box—200 amp service?

Heating, AC, water heater, water softener—do they appear to be in good repair? Check for servicing decals on each appliance to see if they've been maintained.

Construction clues—look for an unfinished section to see the construction used—beams, floor joists, and subflooring may be visible—are they sturdy? Solid?


Condition of insulation (fiberglass or blown) how thick?

Ventilation—whole house fan? Ridge vent? Eaves venting?

Opportunities for storage?

Check wood for signs of water damage.


Modern, working appliances? Newer appliances may run quieter and more efficiently.

Adequate storage?

Faucets easily turn on and off w/o dripping?


Big enough tub or shower?

Enough room when sitting in bathroom?

Fixture colors okay?

Note the brand on older homes (do-it-yourself or plumber's quality?)

House Interiors

Check walls and ceilings for water damage.

Will carpeting/flooring need replacing or refinishing?

Do you need interior painted?

Lightingadequate overhead lighting?

Electrical outlets—enough? Three-pronged?


Jot down addresses of neighboring homes to check appraised values later.

Schools—even if you don't have children.

Convenience—to work, shopping, entertainment?

Heavy traffic or noise?

"Must Haves"







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