Goals Work Sheet


1—Rank goals

List a few short- and long-term goals for you or your family. Then, within each category, rank them (1 to 4) in order of importance to you.


Short-Term Goals (less than one year)











Long-Term Goals (more than one year)











2—Identify first goal

Which goal will you tackle first?


Goal statement: _______________________________________________

Goal $ amount: $ ___________________

Goal deadline: ______________________

To achieve this goal by the stated date, I want to save $ ______ week.


3—Create a trading plan

Identify changes you are willing to make to achieve this goal. The amount you save each week should equal the weekly amount you need for this goal. If you don't have enough, reconsider a less expensive goal or give yourself more time to achieve it. If you opt to buy it on a credit card, add one-third to the purchase price ($107 including tax becomes $142) and save for at least four weeks to ensure you'll be able to stick with your plan and make the payments.


Instead of…        

I will…

Saving $___ weekly














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