Financial Records Checklist

When you apply for a mortgage, your lender will ask for Social Security numbers for all borrowers and for information found on various financial documents. The process will go smoother if you bring these records with you.

Signed purchase agreement

Listing sheet on the home

W-2s, 1099s, or Social Security Award letters from the last year

Address(es) for the last two years

Names and addresses for all employers for the last two years

Last paycheck stub showing year-to-date income for all borrowers

U.S. tax returns, including all schedules for the last year if you are self-employed or have commission income

Current statements for all credit cards, installment loans, mortgages

Current statements for all savings, certificates, mutual funds, and other investments

If divorced, copy of filed divorce decree and property settlement

If using child support maintenance or alimony to qualify, copies of the last 12 months pay received

If disabled, verification of Social Security disability payments and pensions

If self-employed, two years of 1040 tax returns and current profit and loss statement


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